Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh my neglected blog :(


I have not been updating my blog. It's just that I have lots of things going on over here online. The Youtube, Ning websites, and more Youtube. But today, I decided to post my latest creations. I still have a ton that I wanna do, but with times being hard for money I just don’t have the means every time I want to make something. But things are looking up slowly as I'm sure for all of you too.

I also wanna share a new group I found http://minialbumscraps.ning.com/ I have met some awesome ladies there they are so sweet and very helpful. They have all kinds of swaps there too. Please be sure to go check them out.

Here is a mini I made for a very sweet lady her name is Dawn , this is for her new grandson Brody.


Have a great Tuesday see ya soon.