Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bad Day!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a bad day !!!
Well I got up early today to drive a hour and forty five mins
to the nearest Michaels they were have a great sale on cricut cartridges $ 9.99
well here is where it gets bad I drove all the way there like I said an hour and forty five mins away.
When I got there I find out they only have 2 cartridges for $9,99
they had a ton of empty places that had a tag for $9.99 and there was nothing there so I asked what was going on and they said that is all we have left and I was like you just started the sale today and I was here waiting for you to open the door. so why put the $9.99 tag out on empty places? I think it was a bunch of bull I am so mad it just not right! I will never do that again :( I will start buying online.
Has anyone ran into the same problem I have with this sale?


Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

Oh NO!!! That's no good. Cheeky on their behalf. I live in a little country town and always buy online for carts. It is so much easier than getting disappointed by lack of stock!

Hope your day improves. When my sketch layout starts behaving itself I will email.

Rhonda Emery said...

sounds like my luck. ha but I think its all a scam to get you in the store. I also order online.

Tina said...

Where do you order at online?

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