Monday, January 31, 2011

My Poor Little Boy

I had to take my youngest son Cody to the doctor today , He has been running a fever of 103.5 all weekend. He has the flu and double ear infection :( So they gave him some meds and he is now in bed for the night I hope he can sleep now he has not had much sleep and I have not either.
That is just part of being a mommy I dont sleep well when my babies are sick or not at home.
So now I will try to get some work done , I know I should go get some sleep too but I have to much to get done. Do any of you have the same problem I do?
Not being able to sleep when your kids are sick or not at home?
I know you all do if their babies but lol mine are 22, 18, 16, & 13
Well I better get busy.
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McVic said...

Sorry to hear that you Lo is sick! The flu has gone around my house last week. It was bad. I didn't get much done either. Hope the meds do the trick, T&P that he makes a fast recovery!

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